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Apply for a manuscript consult with an experienced writing coach.

Ready for a professional evaluation of your manuscript or script?

Apply here to have a OneRoom coach read your work-in-progress (or an excerpt) and offer thoughtful, detailed feedback.

  1. Tell us a bit about your manuscript! Is it a memoir, a novel, a poetry collection, a screenplay? Something else?
  2. Approximately how long is your project?
  3. How far along are you? Have you written one or more drafts?
  4. How are you hoping a consultation with a writing coach will help you?
How this works
  • Answer a few questions about your manuscript and goals.
  • We’ll review your request within a few days, match you with a coach, and send a detailed price quote (rates vary by coach, length of project, and editorial needs).
  • Make an account and provide a payment method, then get started!
About the coaches

Our coaches are knowledgeable, warm, enthusiastic teachers. They will provide thoughtful, substantive feedback on your work.


If you have questions, please contact us at