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Online Coaching for Novelists

with coach Laura Scott

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How It Works

Our coaching is tailored specifically to you and your needs. You’ll have a dedicated coach and work alongside other motivated people to accomplish your goals. Receive motivation, guidance and support anytime you need it.

1. Meet Your Dedicated Coach

Once accepted, you’ll meet your coach either by video chat or phone. to discuss your progress, challenges, goals.

2. Make a Solid Plan

Your coach will help you evaluate your current progress and how to meet your goals and craft a solid plan-of-attack to help you meet them.

3. Work With The Group

You’ll have access to a supportive community of other passionate people. Learn and get motivated alongside other members in your group.

4. Attend Live Online Meetings

Your coach will facilitate live meetings in OneRoom’s video classroom each month.

5. Reflect, Review and Celebrate

Once a month, you and your coach will review the plan you created and assess your progress. Reflect in your personal OneRoom journal as you progress.

To ensure that every member gets ample personal attention from the coach, this group is limited to 20 members.

What Group Members Are Saying

“The community has been incredible. It’s changed [writing] from a drudgery to something that’s really exciting.”

Anne W.

“My motivation is at an all time high right now and I’m so pleased I joined this group.”

Dorothy Massey

“I’ve been working in One Room for over a year and I can say that if you stick to this, it really works!”

Lisa Harrison

Apply Now

Membership costs $59/month.

Read the Reviews

Heidi L.N. says:

10/10. It’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself. OneRoom has changed the course of my life!thumb_up Would recommend to friends

Mindy A. says:

I am enjoying the interaction between my coach and myself. She genuinely seems to care about my progress and has answered many questions.thumb_up Would recommend to friends

Nathan M. says:

10/10. My group and coach give me motivation and encouragement at times when I felt like the impossible is against me.thumb_up Would recommend to friends

Shannon H. says:

10/10. OneRoom is a good support group. It’s hard for a writer to find people who can identify with their problems. The online video meetings have helped me improve my own writing by leaps and bounds. The fact that my group is international just makes it all the better. Different cultures, points of view, it all lends a different perspective to what we’re all trying to accomplish.thumb_up Would recommend to friends

Emma C. says:

9/10. There’s great support and inspiration from both the group and my coach. The sustained contact does not allow me to run away from my writing as I have before. And the coach’s in depth getting-to-know-you feels very tailor made. Lovely.thumb_up Would recommend to friends

Cassiopeia L. says:

This is a wonderful service. I’m already having a wonderful time and the first month isn’t over yet! My coach is very supportive, as are the other group members. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it’s wonderful to know that each coach already has their foot in the door of publishing novels...

Lynette D. says:

It’s great value. I will fight tooth and nail (money wise) to keep going with my novel coach and group.

Heidi L.N. says:

I can’t begin to express my gratitude and enthusiasm. My coach is brilliant and kind and organized. I’ve already learned so much from her. I’m downright dazzled.

Dani A. says:

I can say only good things about my coach. It’s obvious that she knows what she’s doing. I am very impressed by her focus, drive, punctuality, organization, and coaching ability. She motivated me! I’m looking forward to using OneRoom continually through my writing career.

Peter H. says:

My coach’s comments and suggestions with everyone in the group have been generous and kind. I’m grateful for the insight. Does she have a fan club? You can count me in!

Kate C. says:

My coach is great. It feels like she gets what I’m trying to do with my novel. Such a relief to talk with someone who understands the process! I reviewed the writing plan my coach made, and so far I’m on track to meet my goals.

Annie S. says:

I feel like I’m making better progress on my writing now.

John E. says:

My coach has been fantastic. I appreciate how well she crafted my writing plan from our conversation. It’s specific and gives me the structure I requested. So far OneRoom has been a very satisfying experience.

Maire H. says:

Working with my coach is great. I’m only getting going so it’s early days but, already, I can feel how much more motivated I am and how having someone at my back makes such a big difference.