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Apply to work with Diana Xin as your Novel Writing coach

Answer a few questions about your writing and why you want to work with a coach.

We’ll review your request within a few days and send you a formal invitation if you’re accepted.

Start your subscription and meet your coach! The coaching fee is $59/month.

  1. What are your current writing goals?
  2. How do you expect a coach will help you meet those goals?
  3. What appeals to you most about working with a writing coach and group?
About the coach

Diana Xin writes fiction, essays, and prose poems, and brings plenty of snacks to the table when she does so. A 2017 Pushcart nominee, her work has won awards and honors from Third Coast Magazine, Beecher’s Magazine, and Narrative Magazine. Her short stories have appeared in Gulf Coast, PANK, Alaska Quarterly Review, and elsewhere. After living in Minneapolis, Chicago, Beijing, and Missoula, she currently resides in Seattle, where she serves as an editor for Moss Lit, a journal of Pacific Northwest writing. She also teaches on occasion at the Richard Hugo House and the Loft Literary Center.


We’re happy to talk about how our program would work for you! Please contact us at