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Online Novel Coaching

Get help with your novel from an experienced coach.

How It Works

A dedicated coach

An enthusiastic mentor who cares about your progress.

A customized plan

Crafted to help you surmount your particular challenges.

Weekly check-ins

Your coach will hold you accountable to the plan you set.

Monthly reflections

Consultations with your coach to make sure you’re on track.

A supportive group

Fellow writers will help you stay motivated.

Live online meetings monthly

Connect and converse in OneRoom’s video classroom.

Coaching fee is $59/month.

Apply to work with a novel coach.

What Group Members Say

“The community has been incredible. It’s changed writing from a drudgery to something that’s really exciting.”

Anne W.

“I’ve been working in One Room for over a year and I can say that if you stick to this, it really works! I’m very close to completing my draft and moving to the next steps of editing, polishing and hopefully submitting to be published.”

Lisa Harrison

“My motivation is at an all time high right now and I’m so pleased I joined this group.”

Dorothy Massey

Why OneRoom Works

The novel support you receive will be tailored to you and your needs as a writer. You’ll have a dedicated writing coach and work alongside other motivated novelists to accomplish your goals.

Apply Now

Join 11 OneRoom novelists.
Membership fee $59/month.