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OneRoom Friends Program

The OneRoom friends program rewards folks who link to and write about us. If one of your readers, friends or subscribers signs up for a OneRoom membership, we’ll send you $50 USD. It’s intended to reward anyone who appreciates the work we do and wants to help people who could benefit from our program find us.

How does it work?

Fill out the form below, and after you’re vetted and approved, we’ll provide you with a special link. If someone coming from that link subscribes to a OneRoom group, we’ll send you $50 after their first monthly subscription renewal.

Who can sign up?

Anyone! But, because programs like this can easily be abused, we do some light screening to make sure you’re on the level, not spammish, a real human, etc.

Are there limits or minimums?

Nope. So long as you’re sending us real people who are really interested in the service, we’re happy with one or a hundred. Subject, of course, to the terms of service, which you can view here.

Note: we modeled this program on one that Literistic runs, because we admire their approach. Literistic is also awesome in general.